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Travel insurance

When you travel, there is so much that’s out of your control: cancelled flights, missing luggage, sickness, accidents, weather, political unrest. All of which can disrupt your plans. 

Having the right travel insurance in place can protect you against those unforeseen travel misfortunes. We can cover you for an array of unplanned situations and any subsequent financial losses when you're travelling both in New Zealand or overseas. Travel insurance means help is only a phone call away.

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What does travel insurance cover?

Not all travel risks are covered by common travel and holiday insurance policies.  Our brokers offer expert advice and a range of international and domestic travel insurance policies to suit your circumstances and travel plans.

Risks that can be covered include:

  • emergency medical care or evacuation
  • accommodation costs and new tickets when accidents or illness prevent you from travelling
  • coming home if a close relative or one of your travel companions becomes seriously ill or dies
  • accommodation and expenses when bad weather affects your travel plans
  • someone stealing your stuff, or your luggage getting lost
  • having to be swiftly evacuated from a politically unstable area
  • your legal liability for injuring other people or damaging to their property

Travel insurance options 

We have access to a range of travel insurance policies and solutions including:

If you require cover for items not provided in these policies our brokers can find you a package that will suit your needs.


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Single trip or annual multi-trip travel insurance? 

There are a number of things to consider when deciding between a single or multi-trip policy.

  • How long are you going to be away for? Trip length can affect which policies fit with your travel plans.
  • How many trips do you intend to do in a year?
  • Will you be travelling within New Zealand as well as overseas?
  • Where are you going on your travels? This is important, as most insurance companies have separate cover for different geographical regions.
  • Are you going to be working or volunteering, skiing, snorkelling or mountain climbing during your trip(s)? If so, you may need particular types of cover.
  • Is the cancellation policy enough to cover the pre-paid cost of your trips(s)?
  • How far along life’s journey are you? Age can matter. 

Talk to our brokers to find the best travel insurance to suit your domestic and international trips.

Emergency assistance for travel insurance customers

For customers with an annual multi-trip or single trip policy:

  • For emergency assistance while travelling overseas contact +64 9 374 1774 
  • For claims, phone 0800 422 346 or use the online claim form