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Landlord insurance 

A rental property can be a great asset, but having a rental can come with some challenges and sometimes unwanted surprises. Insurance for landlords is essential when renting out investment properties.

With landlord insurance, you can protect yourself against damage caused by tenants, loss of rental income and yourself with landlord liability cover. 

Our brokers work with you to make sure you fully understand how rental property insurance works and what you’re covered for. If a claim occurs, we'll go into bat for you, advocating settlement of a claim on your behalf.

What does landlord insurance cover?

Landlord insurance can cover the following risks associated with owning a rental property:

Cover for accidental damage  

If your rental property is accidentally damaged and your tenants can’t live there, we’ll ensure the rent is covered while the damage to your rental property is repaired.

Home insurance cover

Cover for damage caused by specific events, including fire, burglary, collision by a vehicle, natural disasters, storms or floods. We can also organise cover for malicious damage, vandalism or theft by tenants or their guests

Contents cover for landlords

If your tenanted property is fully or partially furnished, insurance cover for landlord’s furnishings can be set at an agreed amount. We can organise either indemnity or replacement cover.

Loss of rent

If your tenants leave without giving notice, we can arrange for cover for loss of rent. We’ll also arrange cover if you need to evict your tenants.

Decontamination and repair

If for example, illegal drugs mean your house requires decontamination, we can cover you for the costs of discovering the contamination and any clean ups required before the building is fit for living in again.

Landlord liability insurance

We can protect you in case of damage to third party property as a result of something that happened at your property, eg. a fire spreading to neighbouring property.


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Help with all your rental insurance

Our brokers can help you assess all the cover you need as a landlord. In addition to the above, we can provide home and contents cover as one insurance package.