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Personal insurance

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Contents insurance 

House and contents insurance is easy with Crombie Lockwood. Whether you are flatting, own your home, rent or you’re a landlord, we have a house and contents insurance policy that suits you. From comprehensive cover to basic contents cover, as a tenant, owner or landlord, you can get it all through us.

Protecting your possessions 

Contents insurance will protect your belongings from a wide range of events, including loss, theft, water damage, fires, earthquakes and more ... 

What does contents insurance cover?

The general rule is that if your house was turned upside down, anything that falls out of it is contents. So, contents insurance covers things like furniture, clothing, bedding, rugs, electrical items, whiteware and money. Some items have limited cover unless you specify them separately on your policy schedule, such as jewellery and artwork. If you have expensive stuff, tell one of our brokers so you're protected. 

How contents insurance works

You’ve invested a lot of effort and money to get the possessions you value, so it’s worth insuring them with care. You need to make sure you have got the right amount of contents insurance cover: too much and you’re paying more than you need, too little and you may not get a payout at claims time.

We can compare contents insurance quotes for you and provide either 'new for old' replacement policies or 'indemnity value only' policies.

  • New for old means in most cases you’ll get paid what it costs to replace the items. For some items e.g. clothes, footwear, books, CDs, DVDs, there’s usually a deduction for wear and tear.
  • Indemnity cover means you’ll only get the current value of your possessions. Even though your TV cost $2,000 to buy, you will only get what it is worth now, which might be $450. Your premiums will be cheaper, but it could be a false economy.

There are different types of contents insurance to choose from: 

Personal contents Covering your contents for accidental loss and damage. We can offer new for old replacement policies or indemnity value only policies
Flatters contents Defined events cover for home contents when you are flatting
Holiday home contents Accidental loss and damage policy or defined events policy for your holiday home contents
Landlord contents Defined events cover for contents you have left in the house for your tenants to use


Calculating contents insurance

Your contents sum insured amount is the total amount that would be paid out in the event of a total loss to your contents.

You are responsible for setting your contents sum insured. The contents sum insured calculator is a good starting point to help you estimate the value of your contents. It's provided by Sum Insured Pty Ltd. and is free and easy to use. You'll still need to check your policy wording to understand which items are covered for replacement value or present (market) value, and if there are items covered up to certain limits unless a higher amount is noted, ie jewellery and bikes.

Help with contents insurance 

Our brokers are here to help you understand exactly how content insurance works and what you're insured for, and to get the insurance cover you need for your possessions. We can help you assess your contents insurance, the limitations, the policies available and the costs. If you need to make a claim, our specialist claims team advocate for settlement on your behalf.

You need to make sure you keep your insurance company is up-to-date with your circumstances. If you’ve splashed out on new stuff, or have electronics that are worth more than your single item limit on your policy, you should let your broker know.

Your broker will talk you through the options, select the best contents insurance policy for you, and help you understand how to claim contents insurance by going into bat for you on your behalf.

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