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Food and retail insurance

Restaurant insurance

As New Zealand’s leading insurance provider to the food, beverage and hospitality industry, we understand the risks that go hand in hand with running a restaurant or café,  the risks of stock and material losses, dangers of injury and liability claims.

Insurance cover is important for the peace of mind of any business owner, particularly so for those in the hospitality sector.

We have exclusive specialist insurance available to business owners of cafes and restaurants who are members of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand (RANZ). 

We also provide insurance cover for pubs and hotels.

What Restaurant insurance covers

Our long standing relationship with the restaurant and hospitality industry has helped us develop cover which has three times the smarts of your existing cover:

  • Higher automatic cover limits to prevent underinsurance
  • Lower excesses
  • Better business interruption protection

We offer Restaurant Association members some of the best rates on the market with an insurance package that covers:

  • Business interruption protection: if your business couldn’t open for a period of time, there would be sufficient coverage after a loss like building or premises damage so that staff could be retained.
  • Stock and assets: cover includes loss of refrigerated stock.
  • Gross profit protection: you only pay for the cover you need, and we can increase the amounts if you want more.
  • Motor vehicles: excess is only $400, a real saving come claim time.
  • Full breakdown cover on electrical equipment: up to $10,000 and machinery up to 10kw.

Help with restaurant insurance

In the hospitality industry, your business relies on constantly providing high levels of service; we know that you expect this same level of service from your insurance broker.

We work with you to full understand your business, and tailor a cost-effective insurance package that covers the risks faced by you and your restaurant or café. When It comes to claims time we are your advocates. We regularly review your cover levels with you to ensure you’re protected as your business grows or changes. Contact us today.



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