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Liability insurance

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Employment disputes insurance

Employment disputes insurance protects employers against personal grievance claims brought by past or present employees.  

Whatever your size or your industry, if your business has employees then it requires risk cover in case of damages caused through costly employment disputes. Employment disputes insurance gives you the security to operate knowing that there is assistance in the event of personal grievance action. 

What employment disputes insurance covers

Employment disputes insurance covers employers for damage claims in cases of alleged

  • breaches of employment agreements
  • wrongful dismissal
  • discrimination
  • personal grievances
  • Other unjust or unlawful treatments under the Employment Relations Act

Employment disputes insurance covers the cost of such claims including awards, settlements and defence costs.

Our brokers will advise you on the best business insurance solutions to protect you against claims made by employees. They can work with you to create a tailored, cost-effective liability insurance package that fits your business. In the event of a claim, we'll work with you to get a resolution. 

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IT Company

A successful IT company had a staff of six employees working on development. Over time, five of these employees were promoted to more senior positions.

The sixth employee, knowing that she had equal skills, sued the company for failure to promote her on the sole basis that she was female. The claim on the policy paid the award costs plus the employer’s defence.