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Beekeepers’ insurance

Hive360 is Crombie Lockwood’s specialised apiculture insurance.

It is based on a partnership with Apiculture New Zealand and is the only insurance offering endorsed by ApiNZ for their members.

Ordinary business insurance products and packages offering bee coverage may not provide the protection you need.

Insurance solutions for apiarists

Hive360 is an insurance solution that is unique to the market. It's the only comprehensive, single package cover for hives, honey and bees at realistic values for hobbyist beekeepers through to large commercial operators with several hundred hives. Your bees are covered while they are on site and in transit.

Hive360 is insurance protection derived from our deep understanding of the unique business risks beekeepers face. Because we can source insurance both locally and internationally we have been able to negotiate the very best tailored insurance solutions for the apiculture industry.

What beekeepers’ insurance covers

We have individual covers for honey, bees, hives and trees. For specialist cover, it doesn’t get much easier.

  • Hive360 cover includes exclusive protection for bee hives, honey in the hive and in stock, honey comb, boxes and supers.
  • Bee cover can be separately provided for the death of bees anywhere in New Zealand, even whilst in transit, against the risks of fire, lightning, explosion, windstorm, hail, earthquake and flood.
  • Cover is also available for theft of your bees.
  • The high demand for honey means we need manuka trees. Crombie Lockwood has secured exclusive fire cover and protection for manuka plantation infrastructure costs.
  • Hive360 can be extended to provide coverage for business assets, business interruption, general liability, statutory liability, employers liability, directors & officers liability and contaminated products liability.

Specialists in beekeepers insurance

We work on behalf of the beekeeping industry, not the insurers, to make certain apiarists get the fairest results at claim time.

Our dedicated claims team is on hand to help you. Because we advocate for our clients on a daily basis, we have a vast knowledge of the policies offered by insurers and their intentions. This allows us minimise jargon, give you a clearer picture of the policy and be there to help with claims.

The consolidated premium placed with the insurers via Crombie Lockwood ensures we have enhanced policy limits and significant leverage when settling claims.

If you have to make a claim, we will lodge the claim with the insurer on your behalf and work through the claims handling process right through to settlement.

Speak to one of our brokers about an insurance solution that meets your needs.


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